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Advertisement Tariff

First you can check up with One Year advertising opportunities on this site. Ad Places and Prices listed below.

Important Note : There are Two options either you can design your own banner of your advertisement size or we will design a banner according to your advertisement size.

Last but not least : We will give link to your website from the banner that is mainly “No-follow” link.

All advertisements placed under the heading “Advertisement” or “Sponsored Ads” only so no other headings given to your advertisement apart from the above two headings.

Ad Sizes : 300×600 Right Sidebar / 728×90 Top Right Banner besides the site logo. If you have a website then we will give a No-follow Backlink to your site particular page where the property details is located (or) we create a separate page for your property and publish your ad on your interest. Choose is yours. 300X250 Ads Spot also available below each post.

Your website only related to Real-estate. Don’t submit any other niche (topic) website for Advertisement in this site. Real-estate includes Sale of Plots, Sale of Land, Sale of Individual Houses, Apartments, Flats etc.

Advertisement Sizes – 3 Spots Available

One Year Contract. Details below.

  1. 728×90 Header Banner Ads
  2. 300×600 Side Banner Ads
  3. 300×250 Below Posts Banner Ads. Your ads will appear below all the posts.

Bonus Benefits of Giving Advertisement in this Website

We promote your website in the following social media sites for free and also daily send 50 e-mails to our subscribers. So that you’ll get the customers directly.

  1. Facebook – Profile Page / Facebook Real Estate Groups / Our Facebook Business Page.
  2. Google+ – Profile Page / Our Business Page / Real Estate Communities (Groups)
  3. Twitter – Profile Page
  4. Pinterest – We create separate board for your business and post it there.
  5. Reddit – We will post your latest update @ free of cost. So these are all the benefits you will get while giving advertisement in our website

Mode of Payment – PayUmoney

Here is the payment option. Some of the amount is little bit higher when compare to Indian currency, its because due to tax and commission deducted by PayPal. So kindly bear it, if you’re paying through PayPal account.

  • For 3 Months – Rs.10,000/- (3 Ad Post) (Each Month One Ad) Your Ad Running on our website for 90 days period starting from the next day of Payment.
  • For 6 Months – Rs.15,000/- (6 Ad Post) (Each Month One Ad) Your Ad Running on our website for 180 days period starting from the next day of Payment.
  • For 1 Year – Rs.25,000/- (12 Ad Post) (Each Month One Ad) Your Ad Running on our website for 365 days period starting from the next day of Payment.

Payment Mode – Direct Deposit to Our Bank Account

R.Krishna Kumar
Savings Bank Account Number: 0912101033243
Canara Bank,
Perambur Branch, Chennai-11
IFSC Code: CNRB0000912
Cell Phone Number: 9600043710.

Important Note: If you are dong NEFT Payment or Direct Deposit please make sure you rightly correctly my Bank Details that is SB A/C Number and My Name in the respective boxes. Because sometimes if you write it wrongly then it will went to another account. So take care of this. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your own time to do it. Thank you.

If you want to pay via PayPal (Debit and Credit Card) You can use the PayPal option below.

Mode of Payment via PayPal – For Debit and Credit Card Users

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