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Why do Real Estate Agents Fail? – Top 30 Reasons

Top 30 Reasons for Sales Failure of a Real Estate Agent

Here are the top reasons for sales failure.

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  1. Failure to follow the system
  2. Failure of Punctuality
  3. Not following-up customer promptly
  4. Not taking enough care of the customer
  5. Proceeding to site visit without having the current availability details
  6. Not knowing if the customer is currently need of the property
  7. Not taking the decision maker to the site visit
  8. Not giving the complete project info to the decision maker
  9. Allowing the customer to bring unknown person(s) for the site visit
  10. Combining multiple customers together for site visit
  11. Not taking the customer in our vehicle for the site visit. Allowing them to come to the site by their own vehicle.
  12. Not keeping the customer under our complete control
  13. Not knowing the income and funding details of the customer
  14. Not checking if the customer is ready with the initial booking amount.
  15. Not checking if the project matches the need and requirement of the customer
  16. Not insisting the customer to bring cheque while coming to the site visit
  17. Not collecting the cheque immediately after seeing the site
  18. Not meeting the customer promptly the next day if he has agreed to give the cheque on that day.
  19. Accepting post dated cheque
  20. Not inviting the customer to our office (if required, at any situation)
  21. Not informing the correct distance and travel time to the customer
  22. Speaking unwanted or negative talk during the site visit
  23. Conducting site visit during dusk or late evening. After 4pm
  24. Stopping the vehicle unnecessarily during the site visit
  25. Over speeding or slow driving or taking high-traffic routes during the site visit journey
  26. Taking the customer who over-assures of buying the property.
  27. Believing the customer who bluffs than he wants 100 plots
  28. Not conveying properly about our policy of No Price Negotiation
  29. Not informing the customer that legal documents of the project will be given only after the receipt of the booking amount.
  30. Interfering during the conversation between the senior manager and the customer. This will distract the attention of the customer and also senior manager not able to deliver what he is willing to say.

These are the top 30 reasons for sales failure of a real-estate agent and not able to convert prospects into sales.

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